12x 2020 Gold Medal Bottles

12x 2020 Gold Medal Bottles

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4x Ataronjat bottles

Visually, it lives up to its name and highlights its orange tones and a delicate cloudiness.
It has extreme complexity. Orange and grapefruit peel, bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, tomato, touches of sandalwood and resin, as well as balsamic memories.


4x De Nit bottles


It receives its name from the night harvest, we already collect just 1000 kilos at 04:00 in the morning in a totally manual way and that we transport in small refrigerated boxes so that the temperature does not rise and once we arrive at the winery, we shelled one by I also join the grains by hand to achieve the optimal result in the selection.


4xLo Neo bottles


Lo Neo is a young and fresh wine. It is the easiest of the three to understand and we are convinced that it will bring us many joys.