Siete Vinos

Siete Vinos is a UK wine reseller that aims to bring you the winery tradition of the small village of Bot in Catalonia 

After Brexit

Import of wine to United Kingdom Duty PaidThe prices you see published in 7 Vinos are Duty Paid prices. This means that all the expenses you have to pay in the United Kingdom are included in the price.

Our proposition


Of the best wines I have drunk, I will definitely buy again.

Adina Pavel

Good value for money Garnacha with shades of blackcurrant and black berries, subtle tannins and low alcohol consumption.

Francisco Tavares

Delighted to have discovered these great wines! 🍷🥂🥰

Michael Cheek

I opened the white Chardonnay. It tastes better for the same price range.

Sylv Robinson

Our history

Bot, Catalunya

Bot is a municipality of Catalonia, within the province of Tarragona. Bot follows the wine making tradition of the region and the different wineries produce excellent wines, especially of the Garnacha Blanca variety.

Long standing tradition

This area of the " Terres de l'Ebre “has an ancient wine-making tradition. It has been cultivated in this DO since the seventeenth century and gives its fresh and intense wines a marked personality.


The harvesting process takes place between the months of August and September depending on the degree of maturation of the grape desired. In these months, the vines are filled with grape pickers who, either manually or mechanically, collect the grapes. The harvest is not just an agricultural process. It is a social, traditional and economic event that generates employment.

Bringing tradition to England

My family and I moved to the United Kingdom seven years ago. It is a country that has welcomed us with open arms, for this reason I wanted to bring a piece of my land to share with friends and acquaintances. This is how Siete Vinos was born.