About us

I'm Marcel, and I'm 41 years old. I was born and raised in a small town with 700 inhabitants called Bot in Catalunya.

As a young man from the land of wine, I went to the harvest to work, a strenuous job. In the town, all the farmers who produce grapes, associated and formed a cooperative founded in 1962. Everything is family driven. Over the years the cooperative has become specialized, and now produces many types of grapes, previously there were only two blacks and whites.

7 years ago, I moved to the UK with my wife. She works in the emergency room as a doctor and she loves it. Now we have 2 daughters, of whom I have the luxury of taking care of 24/7.

7 vinos started as a personal project to bring wine from my land, the one I long for and I want to share with my new home. I want more people to experience the joy Bot wines can bring and so I share it, through the internet and with close friends.

Marcel Figols
Founder of Siete Vinos